Diatosta, SA began operations in August of 1977 and dedicates itself to manufacturing rusks and minirusks exclusively.

The only company in Portugal specialized in rusks and minirusks production, has 10 production lines, 2 warehouse locations and a staff of 250, who work in 3 Production Units (a total of 3 shifts).

Diatosta, SA has the capacity of producing 60 Tons daily and it manages 50 Tons of product per day.

The company has quality certification according to the reference IFS.

All these years of experience and the continuous investment in products development, high technologies, modern productive layouts and Facilities constructions, gave to Diatosta SA an important appraised statute of Market Leader.

The company owns the trademark Diatosta ( Facilities name) and TOSTAGRILL, MINIGRILL and GRIELLE ( product brands). It also still produces several customers’ brands, on several continents.

Diatosta, SA exports to more than 25 countries, in several continents and it has an exportation share of more than 5O% of its total production.

Diatosta SA also has a subsidiary company in Salamanca, (Diatosta Iberia, S.L.U.),  100% owned by the parent company, for the sale of its products in Spain.